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Le Comité d'histoire et d'héritage, ligue de cadet d'armée du Canada. Un emplacement officiel.

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Welcome to the Army Cadet History web site. This web site covers the history of Royal Canadian Army Cadets from 1861 to date. This website is configured for 1280x1024 screen resolution.

Bienvenue sur le  site web de l’histoire des Cadets de l'Armée. Ce site web couvre l'histoire des Cadets Royaux de l’Armée Canadienne de 1862 à 2011. Ce site web est configuré pour une résolution d’écran 1280x1024.

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The Illustrated Virtual Army Cadet Museum & Archives - A compendium and digital repository of all things Army Cadets in Canada

Le Musée et Archives Virtuelles Illustrées des Cadets de l'Armée - Un compendium et un répertoire digital de toutes choses liées au Cadets de l’armée  au Canada.

Ceci est un travail en progression. Nous avons besoin de votre aide!

This is a work in progress - we need your help

armycadethistory.com is a volunteer driven non-profit website committed to preserving the history of the Royal Canadian Army Cadets (RCAC), to recognize achievement and to promote the Cadet Program. Our goal is to provide a dependable and thoroughly informative site on most aspects of army cadets, the corps, the training centres and the history.  Eventually, this site will cover a truly vast amount of information. Photos, biographies, unit histories, camp & training centre histories, badges and uniforms will be part of this site. Your support with regards to updated information is very much appreciated. Just as we teach cadets... it's all about teamwork!  

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