Accoutrements & Uniforms

On the following pages are many, but not all of the uniform pieces worn by cadets over the years. This a work in progress. If you would like to contribute please email me with the details.


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Qualifications 1992 to current

The early 1990s brought about more changes in the army cadet system, not a significant as 1978 but changes just the same. Rank badges and qualifications were changed slightly. 



Unit Training Level Badges


Green star


Red Star


Silver Star


Gold Star


National Star certified


Master Cadet



Summer Qualifications


Cadet Basic / Cadet Basic Band


CL / CL Band / CL Pipes & Drums /CL Marksman


CLI Drill & Ceremonial


CLI Rifle Coach


CLI Adventure


CLI Marksman




CLI Drums


CLI Band


CLI Pipes



Advanced Training

Army Cadet Basic Parachute Course


Leadership & Challenge


Army Cadet Exchange


Outward Bound Wales


Outward Bound Scotland


Advanced Music


Advanced Pipes


Advanced Drums




Maple Leaf




Specialty Qualifications








Physical Fitness


Duke of Edinburgh


First Aid