Accoutrements & Uniforms


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Qualifications 2011 to current




Unit Training Level Badges


General Training


Basic Fitness Course 


Basic Marksmanship Course


Basic Drill and Ceremonial Course


Basic Expedition Course
Fitness Instructor Course


Air Rifle Instructor Course

Expedition Instructor Course



Drill & Ceremonial Instructor


Fullbore Phase1


Fullbore Phase 2


Music Level Basic


Music Level 1


Music Level 2


Music Level 3


Music Level 4


Music Level 5


Basic Musician

Basic Pipes & Drums
Intermediate Military Music
Intermediate Pipes & Drums


Advanced Military Music

Advanced Pipes & Drums


Leadership & Challenge

First Aid - Emergency


First Aid - Standard


International Exchanges


Maple Leaf Exchange - England


Outward Bound Scotland


Outward Bound Wales


Fitness Award (Bronze)


Fitness Award (Silver)


Fitness Award (Gold)


Army Cadets Fitness Excellence Level


Canadian Armed Forces Basic Parachutist Course


National Star Of Excellence (Level 1)


National Star Of Excellence (Level 2)


National Star Of Excellence (Level 3)

National Star Of Excellence (Level 4)