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As early as the 1930ís, cadets in Atlantic Canada attended summer training at places like Camp Utopia, New Brunswick, and Camp Aldershot, Nova Scotia. 

Prior to 1970, Atlantic Region Army Cadet summer training took place in Aldershot, Nova Scotia. In the summer of 1971, it was decided that the Atlantic region army cadet summer training camp would move from Aldershot to Gagetown. Camp Argonaut did not officially open as a training centre until 1972 as the cadets and staff were still on Main Camp Gagetown. Camp Argonaut prior to 1972 was a Primary Reserve Location. Although the Army Cadets did arrive in Gagetown in 1970 from Aldershot NS and were housed on main Base Gagetown in Buildings H1 & H3 using H2 as their dining facility & H12 as its recreation facility there was no official name accept being the Atlantic Region Army Cadet Summer training centre Gagetown. In that first summer, 1200 cadets passed through the grounds at Gagetown. 

In 1978-79, Argonaut ACSTC saw the addition of main living complexes for the cadets. With these new complexes, Argonaut ACSTC was starting to look more and more permanent. Throughout the 80's, more facilities were added to Argonaut increasing the number of cadets it could train annually. In 1989, Argonaut was given the honour of Freedom of the Town of Oromocto. In 1990, Argonaut was honoured again with another Freedom of the City, this time bestowed by the city of Moncton.

Argonaut 2004 (DND)

The 1990's saw both the physical size of Argonaut increase as well as the numbers of cadets that were trained here. In 1999, Argonaut received its hardest challenge. Due to Kosovar refugees being relocated on the grounds of Argonaut ACSTC, the training centre had to relocate for that summer. Argonaut was divided into three sites, with the majority of cadets being housed at Mount Allison University in Sackville NB while smaller contingents were placed in Port Elgin NB, Slemon Park PEI and even a company in Vernon BC!

Currently, Argonaut ACSTC has a paved parade square and roads, as well as additional ablution facilities. The most significant change to the training centre is the recent addition of the Cadet Dining Hall in 2001. The facility seats 650 people thus increasing efficiency for meal times.

The training centre will have approximately 1450 cadets pass through its gates this summer.

renamed Argonaut Cadet Training Centre Sept 2014