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For those who have been fortunate to have spent a summer or many summers at Banff, the memories are varied and amazing. We invite you to submit any story you would like to share. Be sure to include your name and original cadet corps and year the story takes place in if possible.

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ROCK!! It still echoes in my mind even after 38 years. The summers of '73 + '74 were the two best summers of my life. I still think back with fond memories to the summer days there. I remember when we were being taught how to tie into the climbing lines, and I was chosen to demonstrate the knots. the instructor tied me in and then yanked me off my feet! who can forget Goat Rock?, or climbing up beside the waterfall across the road on a sunny summer morning? I grew a lot there, and have taken the experiences with me for my journey through life. I remember meeting a black bear on the trail, and running head long down the mountain with the rest of my platoon. So many stories, so little space. BNACC will always hold a special place in my heart. One final thought...anyone remember the big streak of 74 where we got Col. Cade to come out and take the salute? 

H. J. Beck Banff 73 + 74 

23 July 2011

Except for a few grey hairs, a spouse and 5 children, it feels like it was just yesterday.  It was Summer 1976, I was 17 years old, it was the most exciting activity I had done in my life thus far.  From mountaineering to canoeing and hiking I was part of the best that could be offered to a teenager.  Won the Air Canada award, but we all deserved it.  I returned in 1977 and again in 1978 as part of the staff.  Little did I know that the experience I gained at BNACC would serve me throughout the next 29 years in my military career.  Last nostalgic moment was in 2006 when I stopped by the plaque that constitutes the only remains of the camp.  From CF boot camp to commanding AWACS aircraft through the Golf War, I have used every bit of teaching and experience the Army Cadets offered me.  I was really fortunate to have been part of this adventure.

LCol Pierre Beauchamp
Canadian Forces
Chief of the Air Staff - Directorate of Air Requirements
NDHQ Ottawa Ont.

25 Aug 2008

Wow, has it been that long? I can recall fond memories of my time in Alberta during the summer of 1984 experiencing some of the most exciting outdoor leadership and adventure training. The canoeing, rafting, hiking, glacier and rock climbing were outstanding, and so were the various staff assigned to teach us the ropes (and knots, which I never seemed to be able to master!)

The best thing about this and the summer camp experience in general (3 years at Argonaut for me prior to Banff, and 2 afterwards as a staff cadet) was that we saw the same fellow cadets summer after summer, building great friendships (and good spirited rivalries!) along the way.

The coolest thing happened to me some years later as I was attending Carleton University in Ottawa…during my undergraduate studies I bumped into not only my platoon NCO from the Banff course (she became a nurse I think) but also and my platoon Officer who was also attending Carleton U. Later, he and I helped to found Acacia, the first fraternal order to be established on campus at Carleton U. 

I’m very proud to be part of the history behind the Rocky Mountain Summer Training Centre and highly recommend this course to any up and coming cadet out there interested in the experience of a lifetime. 

P.S. do they still do the mud run out there or what?


Trevor Parry
Member Services (Buybacks)

560 Moncton RCAC cadet alumni

17 Dec 2007
Hello everyone,
I attended BNACC in 1984 with the first national band, the memory that keeps coming to me is the friendly atmosphere, especially for the French speaking peoples, i thought it would have been rough for me since my English wasn't so good at that time( I'm better now but i still need practice), and fortunately, i meet some wonderful person such as Nicole Kandalaft, Yvonne Youngberg, Robert Tuck ( my favorite newfie ), Diane Spencer ( who didn't like to be called newfie) and all the rest of the band, everyone has been great, i had the chance to be selected drum major which gave me the chance to be drum major at Valcartier cadet camp for the next 2 years. I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you, if it hasn't been of your kindness, I think I'd never pass through out this experience, you will always have a special place in my memory. I also want to thank Capt. Brooks, Capt. Tamblyn and C.I. Isabelle, you were great teachers. And Finally a special thanks to BNACC C.O., LCol Whitelaw, he was always there for the cadets in any situation. I had the chance to meet him twice after that summer, and he always remembered me.
Claude Vallée
Drum Major
BNACC National Band 1984
CC2425 Valleyfield
4e R22R

6 June 2007