Banff Photo Gallery 1962

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16 July 1962, Montreal Gazette


(courtesy National Office, Army Cadet League)



Talent Show Winners Bivouac (courtesy Elmer Starchuk)


Multinational picture has cadets from Jamaica, England, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Nova Scotia, in that order from left to right (courtesy Elmer Starchuk)


On the Great Divide (courtesy Elmer Starchuk)


Company enbussing is interesting, the group has picked up box lunches and have their bathing suits/towels ready for a swim at the Banff Hot Springs. The picture was taken at the bottom of the Chair Lift. Please note the luxurious motor coaches. (courtesy Elmer Starchuk)


Cooper's Mtn (courtesy Elmer Starchuk)


Bridge Building at Bivouac site (courtesy Elmer Starchuk)


Bivouac Shelter (courtesy Elmer Starchuk)


Barracks gathering (courtesy Elmer Starchuk)