Banff Photo Gallery 1963

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24 July 1963, Shawinigan Standard


Bridge building at the bivouac site, 1963 (Pierre Goyette)


Jamaican night with the Jamaican cadets, 1963  (Pierre Goyette)


Mess hall, 1963 (Pierre Goyette)


Sitting in a hootchie, Mountain March at Devil's Gap, 1963 (Pierre Goyette)


Mountain March at Devil's Gap, 1963 (Pierre Goyette)


Ready for Inspection, 1963 (Pierre Goyette)


Self Defense 1963 (Pierre Goyette)


Sports Field, 1963 (Pierre Goyette)


22 Aug 1963, Telegram Observer


Banff Master Cadet Course had an exchange program in 1963 with Jamaica. Cadet Lt Col Clarence Demchuk (2065 Yorkton Sask) while attending Banff traded shoulder patches with exchange cadet from Kingston Jamaica. One story stands out while on Columbia Ice Glacier tour the cadet picked up a handfull of snow tasted it formed it into snowball and threw it saying "I've never seen nor touched snow before this day."