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Some of the Ontario cadets enroute to BNACC. We had a stop-off at Tent City Trenton Air Base before leaving for Banff. On left is Paul Fulford, Middle Is Tom Garnett, and right is Mike Calnan. (Tom Garnett)


The Ontario cadets leaving for Banff, via CF Boeing 707 CFB Trenton - Edmonton (Tom Garnett)



Barbara Romanycia (Adrian Cwikowski)


CDS, Gen J.A. Dextraze, visited BNACC in July 1975.  Left to right: unknown cadet (Voltigeurs de Quebec), Gen Dextraze, Cdt Adrian Cwikowski 2881 RCACC, unknown cadet (Fusiliers de Mont Royal) (Adrian Cwikowski)


LCol Len Cross, Commanding officer of BNACC, WWII vet and career soldier (LCol Lyle Johnson)


Platoon commander Lt Gary Katzko from Montreal 2497 Black Watch (RHR) of Canada Cadet Corps (LCol Lyle Johnson)


The first girls at Banff, the uniforms for the girls was still very much influx (LCol Lyle Johnson)


Watching a parade (LCol Lyle Johnson)


Maj Keith Billard, unidentified Maj, Maj Bob McKellar (LCol Lyle Johnson)


Memorial service for Cdt Charlie Shaw, killed in a climbing accident during training, Cathy Kindrat (LCol Lyle Johnson)


Memorial service for Cdt Charlie Shaw, "To the memory of Cdt Charlie Shaw who died accepting challenge". This plaque now hangs in the cadet canteen of RMNACSTC (LCol Lyle Johnson)


LCol Len Cross (LCol Lyle Johnson)


 Inspecting the parade (LCol Lyle Johnson)


Lt Dan Dunlop, CTSO, 1 Svc Bn (LCol Lyle Johnson)


Inspection (LCol Lyle Johnson)


The Band (LCol Lyle Johnson)


Flag Party (LCol Lyle Johnson)


Parade (LCol Lyle Johnson)


(courtesy National Office, Army Cadet League)


(courtesy National Office, Army Cadet League)


Cdt Guylene Jean, unknown, Cathy Kindrat (courtesy National Office, Army Cadet League)


CDS Gen J.A. "Jadex" Dextraze with Cdt Tom Garnett (Tom Garnett)


Mt Cascade directly above the camp (Tom Garnett)


Cascade Falls (Tom Garnett)


HQ and the parade square (Tom Garnett)


Mt. Norquay (Tom Garnett)


Norquay Ski Hill (Tom Garnett)


Norquay Teahouse and gondola (Tom Garnett)


Road to Banff (Tom Garnett)


(Tom Garnett)


View from Mt.Edith (Tom Garnett)