Banff Photo Gallery 1993

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If there was one reason the camp was so popular, it was this... the extraordinary views in all directions. Cascade Falls could be heard all times of day. (F.Arseneault)


Grad Parade, the cadet canteen, built in 1955 (F.Arseneault)


Grad Parade, Pipes & Drums (F.Arseneault)


Grad Parade, Pipes & Drums (F.Arseneault)


Grad Parade, Camp Sergeant Major MWO Fred Bootle watches the band show on the parade square (F.Arseneault)


The highland fling (F.Arseneault)


Grad Parade (F.Arseneault)


Cdt Paterno 2509 RC Sigs RC(Army)CC (F.Arseneault)


LCol Rankin, CO BNACC and Jim Devaney, ACL Executive director (courtesy National Office, Army Cadet League)


1993 Yearbook