Banff NACC Platoon Photos 1995

these photos are just scans from the annual camp book, if you have an original, please scan at 300dpi and send as a jpg format email

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A Coy 1 Platoon 2 Platoon 3 Platoon Staff
B Coy 4 Platoon 5 Platoon 6 Platoon Staff
  National Pipes & Drums      
Exchanges    British Cadets German Youth France Youth  
Staff    HQ Staff Orderly Rm Staff Ops Section Standards Officer
  Sports Staff Staff Cadets PGM StaffGlacier Staff Canoe Staff
  Kayak Staff Rock Staff Hiking Staff Canteen Staff 
  MIR Staff  Transport Section Stewards Security Platoon
  CE Section Supply Section Reg Force Kitchen Staff Kitchen Staff
  Janitorial Staff All Officer Staff HQ Staff (Group)