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Lieutenant Colonel Robert B. Barrette, CD 


Lieutenant Colonel Robert Brian Barrette was born in Ottawa, and raised in the west end of Ottawa. LCol Barrette attended Champlain High School graduating in 1973. He took Canadian law in 1976 at Carleton University, and then graduated from the Ontario Police College in 1979. Since 1978 he has served the citizens of the City of Gloucester and Ottawa as a police officer, and retired in September 2009 after 31.5 years of service at the rank of Staff Sergeant.

LCol Barrette joined as an army cadet in 1967, and progressed to the rank of Cadet Major finishing off as the cadet Commanding Officer in 1971 of the 2870 (RCOC) Army Cadet Corps and as a Master Cadet. Cadet Major Robert Barrette was involved with one of the first International Exchanges to Japan. He joined the Militia in that same year, & has served as both a Corporal & then second Lieutenant in the 28 Ottawa Service Battalion Militia.

During that period he returned back to cadets as a Cadet Instructor List officer (now called the Cadet Instructor Cadre) from 1980 onwards. He transferred to the 3018 Army Cadet Corps 3rd Field Engineers Squadron in Orleans 1989, and served several years there as training & administration officer also he was the Commanding Officer from 1992 to 1996.

LCol Robert Barrette, then transferred to the 2784 Army Cadet Governor General's Foot Guards Cadet Corps as the Commanding Officer in the fall of 1996, where he served there until January 2006. During his tenure of both Army Cadets Corps they achieved 9 Lord Strathchona Shields and 3 Colonel Clarry Awards for being the best large cadet corps in the Eastern Ontario Area and in the Province of Ontario.

In 2000, LCol Robert Barrette was the OIC in charge of the first International Cadet Expedition to Morocco, which involved trekking in the Atlas Mountains with 12 cadets from across Canada. In 2005, he was selected as Deputy Commanding Officer of Connaught NACSTC and has served in that capacity until April 2009. On 1 May 2009 LCol Robert Barrette was promoted to his current rank and appointed Commanding Officer of Connaught National Army Cadet Summer Training Centre.
LCol Robert Barrette is married to Carole Barrette; they have a son and daughter.