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Capt Angus J. MacDonell, MBE CD

Dundurn Army Cadet Camp 1957


MacDONNELL, Angus Joseph Joffre, Captain - Member, Order of the British Empire - Infantry (Calgary Highlanders) - awarded as per Canada Gazette dated 17 March 1945 and CARO/5466 dated 19 March 1945.

Captain MacDonnell has been Quartermaster of the Calgary Highlanders since January 1943 and has performed his duties in an exceptionally efficient manner, particularly since his battalion has been in action. His superlatively competent fulfillment of his duties, his industry, initiative and perseverance in carrying out his many and often tedious tasks has contributed in a large measure to the battalion's consistent successes. He has always succeeded in keeping his unit supplied with every requirement that it was humanly possible to obtain, frequently providing supplies and equipment under extraordinarily difficult conditions. In spite of the fact that on numerous occasions roads have been almost impassable, distances long and often under shell and mortar fire, he has at all times displayed determination, resourcefulness and contempt for fatigue in maintaining touch with the battalion and ensuring that the maintenance flow was consistent. Even under the worst possible conditions and though long and exhausting hours were required he has consistently applied his ability to ensure that all details, whether large or small, which would in any way aid the fighting efficiency and welfare of his unit, were given meticulous attention. This officer's devotion to duty, and his willing and cheerful acceptance of any tasks, coupled with the efficient manner in which his duties are performed have been important factors in the excellent spirit and efficiency of his battalion.