LCol Ken Fells CD


Lieutenant-Colonel Kenneth M. Fells was born in Yarmouth, NS and raised in Greenville, an African Nova Scotian community founded by Black Loyalists from Brichtown (Shelburne County) 7 km from the town of Yarmouth. Lieutenant-Colonel Fells is the oldest of 11 siblings and 40 foster children. He joined #110 Yarmouth Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps in 1968 as it was one of the only youth organizations taking black youth at the time. Since that time, he has always been focused on equitable opportunities for youth and is a true advocate for cadets first from wherever they come from.

Lieutenant-Colonel Fells received his commissioning scroll as an Officer with the Cadet services of Canada on 02 June 1974, which later became the CIL (Cadet Instructors List) and presently the CIC (Cadet Instructor Cadre). He took the Basic Indoctrination Course in 1974 and his Captain Qualification Course in 1980. In 34 years, Lieutenant-Colonel Fells has filled many significant roles, from platoon commander to escort officer in Australia.

Lieutenant-Colonel Fells has had many significant appointments throughout his career including six years as Camp Argonaut Chief Training Officer, Chief Training Officer at the National Army Cadet Summer Training Center, and the Commanding Officer of Whitehorse Army Cadet Summer Training Center. He is presently serving as the Commanding Officer of Argonaut Atlantic Region Army Cadet Summer Training Center.

Lieutenant-Colonel Fells has been a strong advocate of physical fitness, which is the second aim of the Canadian Cadet Organizations. Any cadet or staff member who knows Lieutenant-Colonel Fells knows that this is one of the most significant life skills that the Army Movement endorses; this stems from his athletic ability. He has participated at national competitions in basketball, volleyball, team hand ball, and soccer. In civilian life, Lieutenant-Colonel Fells has been a principal for 13 years and has taken that expertise to the Way Ahead Process, ARDVMAG, and Co-Chair of the Advisory committee for the Commanding Officer of the RCMP for Nova Scotia.

Lieutenant-Colonel Fells was responsible for the founding of #3010 RCACC Jens Haven Memorial in Nain, Labrador, and #117 Preston RCACC in Westphal, Nova Scotia, and he has been the Commanding Officer of various cadet units in Atlantic Canada.