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Ziggy Estensen (Captain Retired) at the Time I was with 102 Army Cadet Corps and Major Turcott we were on the Range and I was the OC of Mil Skills back in 1997 and I was giving Rodger Turcott better directions as he and his Twinkies were going through the Gas grenade range that was used two or three days earlier by the Militia. (Ziggy Estensen)


Maj Jim Vannetten (courtesy Trish Golab (nee.Guitard))


CI Steve Tripp (courtesy Trish Golab (nee.Guitard))


Lt Kevin Offord (courtesy Trish Golab (nee.Guitard))


Capt Billy Dobson (courtesy Trish Golab (nee.Guitard))


Lt Scott Bissel (courtesy Trish Golab (nee.Guitard))


CI Rob Borden (courtesy Trish Golab (nee.Guitard))


Mark Corderio (courtesy Trish Golab (nee.Guitard))


Brian McCue (courtesy Trish Golab (nee.Guitard))


CSM Bradbury (courtesy Trish Golab (nee.Guitard))


Cdt McFarlain (courtesy Trish Golab (nee.Guitard))


Simon Blastock (courtesy Trish Golab (nee.Guitard))


CI Trish Guitard , Captain Simon Blastock  (courtesy Trish Golab (nee.Guitard))


OCdt Nicole Stark (courtesy Trish Golab (nee.Guitard))


CI Trish Guitard, Marie Forget (courtesy Trish Golab (nee.Guitard))

CI Jeremy Ross and unidentified cadet (courtesy Trish Golab (nee.Guitard))


Lt Derek Boast (courtesy Trish Golab (nee.Guitard))