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Blackdown Photo Gallery 2006 Page 4


16 photos


CWO G Ewing,  LCol A.K. Campbell and  C/RSM Lanagan (C/CWO Graham Humprhey)


C/MWO C. Pelletier, C/WO D. Boulioux, C/WO S. Thomas, C/WO W. Irvine, C/WO C. Elliott Hotel CSM and Plt WO (C/WO Will Irvine)


Maj Walker, OC Foxtrot Coy Looking over her orders fr the day (Capt R.J. MacNeil)


Foxtrot CSM CPO2 Danier From 26 Svc BN North Bay Ont (Capt R.J. MacNeil)


Lt McKay Platoon Commander Foxtrot Coy (Capt R.J. MacNeil)


2LT Brannon Platoon Commander Foxtrot Coy Reciving Orders for the Day (Capt R.J. MacNeil)


CI Bonnel Platoon Commander Receiving her Orders on the coy FTX (Capt R.J. MacNeil)


CQMS Foxtrot Coy (Capt R.J. MacNeil)


(C/Sgt Theo Ortega)