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Third clasp to CD to Maj George Simson

(photo Capt Lisa Currie)

Major George Simson, Area Cadet Instructors Cadre Officer (ACICO) for Fraser Valley, receives a third clasp to the Canadian Forces Decoration (CD) from Commander Rick Mountford, Commanding Officer, Regional Cadet Support Unit (Pacific) at the annual Pillars Conference in Vernon. The clasp represents 42 years of service in the Canadian Forces. Major Simson began his military career in Britain as a member of the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) in 1972 where he served for 12 years. After leaving the British Army Maj. Simson immigrated to Canada and shortly after joined the Cadet Instructor List (CIL), now known as the Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC). He has served as the Commanding Officer of 2893 Seaforth Cadets in Port Coquitlam, 72nd Seaforth Cadets in Vancouver, 2822 Royal Westminster Cadets in Surrey and 2316 Royal Westminster Cadets before taking up his current position as ACICO. In 2004 Maj. Simson served as the Commandant of the Bisley, England Junior Marksmanship team. More than half of the CD3 s awarded each year go to members of the Cadet Instructors Cadre. Few people achieve four clasps and only two people have ever received five clasps. They were the Queen Mother and Air Vice Marshal Leonard Birchall.

(Courtesy RCSU Pacific)