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2009 Recipients


Reference: 1085-30-4 (D Cdts 6-2-2) dated 15 September 2008. 

1. To recognize members of the CIC who have made outstanding contributions to the CIC, the Branch and Canadian Cadet Movement (CCM), the CIC Branch Advisory Council has established the CIC Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is presented annually to deserving members of the CIC Branch and its predecessor organizations. 

2. The 2009 Lifetime Achievement Awards mark the inauguration of this prestigious award. The recipients represent the truly outstanding officers who have contributed throughout their lifetime, to advance the aims of both the CIC and the CCM. 

3. The CIC Branch Advisory Council is pleased to announce that the following individuals are the recipients for the 2009 awards:


Colonel C. Frank Rogers, CD, St John's, NL
Commander Émilien Paradis, CD, Repentigny, QC
Commander Victor Turansky, CD, Hamilton, ON
Lieutenant-Colonel Gerald Vitali, CD, Sudbury, ON
 Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Langevin, CD, Haut-Sheila, NB
Lieutenant-Commander Cindy Galt, CD, Summerside, PEI
Lieutenant-Commander Graham Reed, CD, Madoc, ON
Major Alex Bolin, CD, Fort St John, BC
Major Antoine Ste-Marie, CD, Maple Grove, QC
Major Jacques Chenard, CD, Rimouski, QC
Major John Torneby, CD, Edmonton, AB
Major Mark Rosin, CD, Saskatoon, SK
Major Roman Ciecwierz, CD, Waterloo, ON
Captain John Hungar, CD, Victoria, BC