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1909 to date - 

The CIC has been through a few name changes over the past century, but it has consistently been the base of instructors for the cadets. 

The first authority for adult instructors of cadets to hold military rank was promulgated in a special order on 21 December 1903. While employed in service to the cadet organization, instructors of army cadets held the rank of second lieutenant in the Militia. These officers were male school teachers at private boys' schools across Canada. The year 1908 marks the creation of a cadre of commissioned officers, the Corps of School Cadet Instructor (militia), trained and paid by the Department of Militia and Defence to conduct drill and physical training in participating schools. On 1 May 1909, these officers were organized into the Corps of School Cadet Instructors (Militia), recognized as the forerunner of the Cadet Instructor Cadre of today. Formed primarily of school teachers, this officer cadre was disbanded in 1921 during a period of reorganization. It reappeared on 1 June 1924 as the Cadet Services of Canada; it was a component of the Canadian Army and the forerunner of the current Cadet Instructor Cadre. This arrangement between the Federal Government and local school boards contributed significantly to the development of physical education programs in Canadian schools.

After World War II, the Cadet Services of Canada (Non-Permanent) and a Civilian Instructional Cadre were established as the fifth sub-component of the Canadian Army. On 10 May 1956, the name was changed once again to the Cadet Services of Canada.

Upon unification, the three distinct officer cadres were amalgamated to form the Cadet Instructors List (CIL), a sub-component of the Reserve (circa 1968-71). On 20 July 1994, the CIL was redesignated the Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC).

During this period, according to the CIC history book, Par dévouement, CIC officers did not receive the new Canadian Forces green uniform like other members of the Canadian Forces. Therefore, until the mid 1970s, officers still wore all sorts of uniforms: the RCN pattern uniform; the former Cadet Services of Canada pattern uniform; the RCAF pattern uniform; or some officer would buy the new CF greens, however, wearing the old badges, or new branch badges of the Canadian Forces.

(Source: Directorate of Cadets, DND)