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Diamond Jubilee Medal awards interior British Columbia

Brig Murphy Armouries, Vernon, Jan 12, 2012 (Wayne Emde)


(Wayne Emde)


Inside Brig Murphy Armouries, the CIC recipients are formed up (Wayne Emde)


Cmdr Bates addresses the audience (Wayne Emde)


(Wayne Emde)


Maj Shaun Ferguson, CD (Wayne Emde)


Capt Richard Hellyer(Wayne Emde)


Lt Brenda Heywood (Wayne Emde)


Lt Sandra Patterson (Wayne Emde)


Capt Romie Ralph, CD (Wayne Emde)


Maj Govind Reddy, CD (Wayne Emde)


Capt Victoria Schrauwen, CD (Wayne Emde)


Jubilee Medal Recipients (Wayne Emde)


Air Force CIC Officers (Wayne Emde)


North Okanagan Recipients (Wayne Emde)


VACSTC Staff (Wayne Emde)


Wayne Emde may not be CIC, however, he has put in over 30 years as the PIO at Vernon ACSTC and shot many hundreds of cadets activities throughout British Columbia since 1982 along with covering the 2009 International RCAC Expedition in New Zealand, he co-authored a history book on Vernon ACSTC, has conducted hundreds (probably thousands) of media interviews for cadets. He has been a mentor, friend and inspiration to cadets, staff and officers through out his tenure. Jan 24, 2012 (Francois Arseneault)


Okay, let's get that medal on your suit... (Jack Greenhalgh)


(Jack Greenhalgh)