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Departure with Dignity Dinner - LCol Al Bratland, OMM, CD

Rocky Mountain NACSTC

June 30, 2012

In the combined mess, a very special presentation is made to start off the evening...


LCol Leo Brodeur is inducted into the Honorary Platoon of Banff/Rocky Mountain NACSTC by former CO and guest of honor LCol Al Bratland while MGen Paul Wynnyk watches


LCol Brodeur thanks the guests


Marty Lalonde congratulates LCol Brodeur


Pipe band instructors serenade the guests 



LCol Fowler, CO 20th Fd Regt RCA shares a chuckle with Capt Kit Pludek


LCol Terry Kopan, MGen Paul Wynnyk and LCol Lyle Johnson converse


Long serving padre Charlie listens to LCol Bratland 


Capt Bridget Concannon plays a piece while a visitor stands outside the fence line listening


The head table


Some of the guests


The speeches begin and wonderful speeches they were, trying to sum up LCol Al Bratland's 40 year plus cadet career would turn into a very heart warming evening.



LCol Bratland shakes hands with his brother 




















Three cheers for the Colonel!





Current RMNACSTC CO LCol Dallas West and his merry band wrote in short order a song about LCol Bratland punctuated by short stories from his family. The 20 minute guitar and fiddle piece was one of the many highlights of the evening.  










the collection of awards LCol Bratland has received over the years with one-off made a training centre t-shirt quilt.


MGen Paul Wynnyk, LCol Al Bratland and his wife Gloria appreciating the song...






A standing ovation for the guest of honor


LCol Leo Brodeur present LCol Al Bratland with Certificate of Service


... and the flag which flew over the training centre during his tenure as CO


Gloria thanks the guests




A gift from the NCOs and NCMs, a hand made wine bottle holder




LCol Lyle Johnson, LCol Dallas West, LCol Al Bratland


LCol Lyle Johnson (former CO of RMNACSTC 2000-03 and current CO VACSTC), LCol Al Dengis (Former CO VACSTC 2006-09 and current CO Penhold ACSTC), MGen Paul Wynnyk (Deputy Commander Canadian Army and former army cadet), LCol Terry Kopan (former CO VACSTC 2002-05), LCol Dallas West (Current CO RMNACSTC), LCol Al Bratland (former CO RMNACSTC 2007-11) Some 215 years in uniform!


MGen Paul Wynnyk and LCol Al Bratland. MGen Wynnyk is a former cadet of 2561 Breton Artillery Cadet Corps for whom LCol Bratland spent his entire career with. 

(Francois Arseneault)