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CS of C possible Officers Conference 1971

3rd row: Frank St.Croix (Nfld), Aubrey Halfyard (Nfld), Sid Bradbury (Wpg), Leopold Melanson (NB), Jim Fullerton (Ont)
2nd row: George Mannis (NS), J. Fraser (NS), G. Cooper (Ont), Doug Luken (NB), G. Champaign (Que), Bill Dube (Ab), Don Fyck (Ont), Walter Wynnick (Ab), May Kardy (sp) (Que), Frank Kozar (Ab)
1st row: Peter Phelyn, R. Paquette (Que), K. Walters (Nfld), Col St.Aubin (Air force) (Que), Al Hryzyna (Sk), Joe Sheen (Ab), Walt Shields, Wilf Mosseua (Ont)

(Courtesy Bill Dube)