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Captain R. Eric I. Edelswärd, CD

Captain Edelswärd was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1960. He began his military career as an Air Cadet with 172 (York) Toronto Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron, rising to the rank of Flight Sergeant. In 1993, he completed his BSc joint Major in Environmental and Resource Science and Geography, at Trent University. 
After a hiatus from wearing a uniform of twelve years, he entered the Canadian Armed Forces through the Direct Entry Officer Plan as a CELE officer with the rank of Second Lieutenant with 709 (Toronto) Communication Regiment. Capt Edelswärd held a number of positions with in the Regiment, including Communications Centre Officer, Troop Officer for both Alpha and Charlie Squadrons, 2i/c for Charlie Squadron as well as numerous Secondary Duties including ComSec Custodian, Fire Warden, First Aid Instructor, Unit Environmental Officer, and Liaison Officer to 2605 (Toronto) Communication Regiment Army Cadet Corps. 
As a Signals Liaison Officer, he had the opportunity work with The Queen's York Rangers Armoured Recce in 1994, during the Summer Concentration exercise TRILLIUM GUARD '94; and in a similar capacity with 7 th Toronto Regiment, RCA for the Summer Concentration exercise TRILLIUM PHOENIX '96. Capt Edelswärd was also involved in the following Domestic Operations; OP RECUPERATION - the Ice Storm, stationed in Brockville in Eastern Ontario for the duration, in 1998 and in OP ABACUS – the preparedness operation for the Millennium, 1999 – 2000. 
In November 2000, he was attach posted to the 105 RC(Army)CC. He has held the positions of Administration Officer for the duration as well as Alpha Battery Officer Commanding, Adjutant and Deputy Commanding Officer. In May 2003, he remustered to the Cadet Instructor Cadre and assumed Command of 105 RC(Army)CC. 
He has been employed by Canada Post Corporation for twenty-one years and currently works in the Collection and Delivery. He lives in Mississauga with his wife Susan, who also works for Canada Post. They have three children: Scott, 25, Tyler, 11 and Ellen, 9.