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Capt Mark A.J. Johnson

Captain Mark Johnson is the first and only Commanding Officer of the 117 Preston/Westphal RCACC. The Corps officially became a recognized Army Cadet Corps by NDHQ on January15, 1996.

Captain Johnson was an Army Cadet back in 1958-1961 at Camp Gagetown NB, affiliated with the Black Watch (RHR) Royal Highland Regiment of Canada. He joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1962, the Black Watch, and trained in Camp Gagetown until posted to Northern Germany, (Werl), with the 2nd Battalion 1963-1965 training with NATO forces. Capt. Johnson returned to Canada, Camp Gagetown in 1965. He was posted to Cyprus in 1966 with the Battalion for 6 months. He also served in Cyprus in 1969 for an additional 6 Months. In 1970 the Black Watch was disbanded by NDHQ, and Capt. Johnson rebadged to the Royal Canada Regiment, RCR, 2nd Battalion, CFB Gagetown NB. In 1971-1974, Capt. Johnson was posted to Southern Germany, Baden Solligen and served with 3 MECH. COMMANDO, again training with NATO forces. In 1974-1977 Capt. Johnson was posted back to Canada, CFB Gagetown, Combat Arm School as an advanced mortar, weapons instructor. In 1977-1981 again Capt Johnson was posted to Germany with the 3rd Battalion RCR, Baden Solligen for the third and last time. In 1981 he returned to Canada and served as (RSS) Regular Support Staff to the Militia, 1 Nova Scotia Highlanders, New Glasgow/Truro, CFB Halifax.

Capt Johnson retired from the Regular Forces in 1988 and transferred to the Militia, PLF (Princess Louise Fusiliers) for 4 years. He also served with the 1st Field Regiment, Artillery, Halifax Armouries as Training Warrant Officer/Drill Instructor. Captain Johnson has been in uniform and serving his country for over 40 years. As a civilian Capt Johnson was employed as a parole officer/parole supervisor with corrections from 1989-2002. 

Capt Johnson resides at his home in North Preston with his wife Carol McCain-Johnson and they have two grown daughters, Angela and Kerri, and two grandsons, Johneil and Kyree. Captain Johnson enjoys camping, walking, playing his guitar and spending time with family. As well working with youth.