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#1292 Cadet Corps 1970s

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History - 

This Corps was originally formed 22 Mar 1926 as 1292 Alberta Military Institute Cadet Corps. The corps was affiliated with 2nd Armoured Regiment Lord Strathcona's Horse (RC), RCAC. 16 May 1947 change of designation to Lord Strathcona's Horse Cadet Corps (A.U.S.I. Squadron). 17 Feb 50 the Corps disbanded along with two other corps in Calgary (1955 & 2137) and the three units formed into one Cadet Corps known as the 2378 Calgary Cadet Corps (formed eff 9 Feb 1950, disbanded 15 Apr 55).

Eff 8 Feb 54 the Corps reformed as Lord Stratcona's Horse Cadet Corps with same affiliation. 1 Dec 1965 it redesignated as the Fort Garry Horse Cadet Corps and was affiliated and sponsored by same. 3 Sep 1970 the sponsorship and affiliation changed and Corps was designated as LSH (Royal Canadians) Cadet Corps. Won the R.B Bennett Shield (Provincial Proficiency Award) 1970 & 1971. H.Q. 12-A-77


the 1970 Annual Inspection was a mass corps parade held at Currie Barracks, Saturday 6 June 1970

(Calgary Albertan John Bacon coll.)



Arrival of the reviewing party 


MGen Howard reviewing the corps 





MGen Howard, CD and Alderman Roy Farran, DSO MC & 2 bars



QOR LCol ____ and LCol Peter Bacon 



Unidentified 1226 FGH cadet


Alderman Roy Farran 



Officers of 2137 Calgary Highlanders












Departing the parade square and marching back to AF16 (John Bacon coll.)



Sports on the sports field (John Bacon coll.)






(John Bacon coll.)



Sentinel article - Oct 1971

(1971 Strathconian)


(Calgary Herald)



1954-1970s pattern uniform (LdSH (RC) Museum)



affiliation change back to LDSH

(1972, Strathconian)




(The Roundup, CFB Calgary, John Bacon coll.)




(1974 Strathconian)


1292 LdSH (RC) Cadet Corps 1974

Cadet CO Capt Cadic



(Capt ret'd Jim Grosset)


(1975, Strathconian)


1292 LdSH (RC) Cadet Corps 1975



(1976, Strathconian)


1292 LdSH (RC) Cadet Corps 1976


1292 LdSH (RC) Cadet Corps Band 1976


Ken Pon (LdSH (RC) Museum)



(1977, Strathconian)


1292 LdSH (RC) Cadet Corps 1977


1292 LdSH (RC) Cadet Corps Band 1977



(1978, Strathconian)

1292 LdSH (RC) Cadet Corps 1978



(1979, Strathconian)

1292 LdSH (RC) Cadet Corps1979


see also #2378 CC for further information