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#134 Cadet Corps




L-R: Colonel James Walker; Sergeant Dalton McWilliams; Cadet A. Penny; Cadet W. Baker; Cadet D. Mackenzie; T.E.A. Stanley; Cadet D. Ashby; Cadet J. Fraser; Colour Sergeant O. Louden; Doctor A.M. Scott; Cadet J. Schmick; Cadet Gratz; Cadet J. Comer; Sergeant Major A.H. Ferguson (instructor). (Glenbow Archives NA-2380-5)



Back row L-R: ---?; ---?; Orley Louden; Douglas Mackenzie; ---?; Bill Baker; ---?; Jack Fraser.
Middle row L-R: ---?; ---? Ashby; ---?; ---?; Colonel J.S. Walker; Alex Ferguson, instructor; ---?; ---?; ---?
Front rear L-R: ---/; ---?; Jeff Comer.
Front L-R; Dalton MacWilliams; ---? (Glenbow Archives NA-3232-61)


Alberta rifle team at Rockcliffe range, Ottawa, Ontario, 1913. With sign, "Sunny Alberta". Rifles on their laps.
L-R back row: Orly Louden; unknown; William Brankley, Royal North-West Mounted Policeman; Captain Alex Ferguson; unknown; unknown; unknown; unknown; unknown; Jack Fraser.
L-R centre row: unknown; unknown; Captain J.S. Gilker; Colonel W.C.G. Armstrong; Colonel James Walker; Major Martin; unknown; unknown.
L-R front row: Doug Mackenzie; Jeff Comer; Mr. Penney; Dalton McWilliams; Bill Baker; unknown; Doug Ashby; Charles Gratz. (Photographer/Illustrator: Pittaway, A.G., Ottawa, Ontario) (Glenbow Archives NA-2380-1)

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[2] Pride - the History of 1390 RCACC