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#134 Cadet Corps




                CO: Capt. Alex H. Ferguson

3rd year in row winning the Mayland Shield cadet drill championship


Annual Cadet Services - Annual Magazine 31 Aug 1926 editor  Maj. L.W. Miller DSO

Cadet Corps in Alberta :


School                                                   instructor                              unit                         no. of cadets

Calgary Public Schools                     Capt. A.H. Ferguson           CSC                        1,219

Calgary Public Schools                     Capt. H Flood                      CSC                        829

Mount Royal College                          Capt. G.M. Miller                50th Bn                  26

Western Canada College                    Lt. F. Gardiner                     CSC 47th              47

Normal Practice, Calgary                 Capt. G. Lunn                       CSC                        55

St. Mary’s Calgary                               Mr. J. Clancy                                                        87


66 corps in the province


During the school year ending 31st August 1926 , there were 5924 cadets enrolled together with 63 Cadet Instructors in all of Alberta . [2]




                CO: Capt. Alex H. Ferguson


June, the 1292 AMI Cadet corps formed.


[1] The Militia Regiments of Alberta 1901-1939, a unpublished manuscript by Richard Cunnife 1971

[2] Pride - the History of 1390 RCACC