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#134 Cadet Corps



                CO: Capt. Alex H. Ferguson

March, the 134 Calgary Public School Regiment Cadets is split into two units: 1st Bn consisting of the 800 high school based cadets becomes the 134 Calgary High School Cadet Corps with companies and platoons in Western Canada HS, Central HS, Crescent Heights HS, and East Calgary HS. 2nd & 3rd Bns consisting of all the public school cadets (junior high) became the 136 Calgary Public School Cadet Corps, some twenty schools with 1200 cadets. 135 Mount Royal College Cadet Corps continued unchanged as did 1292 AMI cadet corps.





                CO: Capt. Alex H. Ferguson

                cadet corps parading over 200 boys in 4 platoons


1930 Championship team photo




see also #136, 1622, 1955 Cadet Corps;

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