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#17 Cadet Corps



CIL Officers (staff) 1978-82

Captain Gilbert W. Gray CD - Supply

Lieutenant Clive Michael Gardner - Administration and Musketry

Lieutenant Stephen Burns - Training


Greg Pun, Ian Sergeant, and John Farmer

(Mike Gardiner)


One is the Drums (with Battle honours) of the Corps with trophied won.  

(Mike Gardiner)


The other is a display of the 4 types of rifles in current use at the time by the Corps

(Mike Gardiner)


A young Mike Gardiner posing for the mandatory military ID photo

(Mike Gardiner)


Lt Mike Gardiner demonstrating correct shooting form to the cadet rifle team at Moss Park Armoury.

(Mike Gardiner)


October 1978 on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of Upper Canada College, and its Cadet Corps.  We were also visited by and had a formal dinner with HRH The Duke of Edinburgh which the Corps officers and senior cadets attended.

The cadet on the right is Cadet Sergeant Don Cooper.