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#17 Cadet Corps




Capt. Belfontaine in his capacity as a instructor at the CIL School at Borden supervising a range practice that involved corps officers and senior cadets practicing for the General Forbes West full bore rifle shoot in 1980

(Mike Gardner)


QOR Church Parade 1980 on the occassion of the visit of Princess Alexandra to the QOR to celebrate the 120th Anniversary of the Regiment.  From right to left: Cadet Commanding Officer Cadet Lieutenant Arthur H. E. MacLean, CIL Lieutenant C. Michael Gardner, CIL Lieutenant Stephen Burns (training officer), Cadet Sergeant Donald Cooper. (Mike Gardner)


Left to right: Cadet Sergeant Donald Cooper, CIL CI John Stephens (Scouts Canada), Cadet CO Cadet Lieutenant Arthur H. E. McLean, CIL Officer Lieutenant Stephen Burns (Training Officer), ?, CIL Officer Lieutenant C. Michael Gardner (Administration and Musketry), ?, ?, ?, ?. (Mike Gardner)