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Captain P. M. (Paul) Preikschas

Captain Paul M. Preikschas was born in Waterloo County on the 26th of June 1968. He was educated in Barrie where he studied Civil Aviation. 
After moving to Kincardine to work, Captain Preikschas, became a Civilian Instructor with 183 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron on 11 February 1991. He was tasked with teaching ground school, to senior cadets, preparing for their flying scholarships. 
On 14 July 1992, Captain Preikschas, was signed on as a paid Civilian Instructor, and only weeks later, was enrolled in the Cadet Instructor Cadre on 31 July 1992. He was still instructing, but also was working in administration. Captain Preikschas was appointed Administration Officer later that year. 
29 November 1992, he completed the Emergency First Aid Instructors Course at CFB Borden, placing in the mid 3rd of the candidates. Being a keener, he completed the Range Safety Officers Course on 6 December 1992, placing in the top 3rd. But the fun was just starting, his Basic Officer Qualification was coming up in the spring, he graduated on 9 May 1993. 
After restructuring at the squadron, he was posted to the training cell as Training Officer, being responsible for the training at the squadron in Kincardine and the "B" flight in Lucknow. 
On his anniversary date of taking the Oath of Affirmation, he was promoted to Second Lieutenant. 

Due to a change in his employment, Captain Preikschas, on 1 January 1994 he transferred to 1943 Norwell Army Cadet Corps located in Palmerston, Ontario. 
Captain Preikschas was appointed Commanding Officer of 1943 Cadet Battery on 13 January 1994. 
Captain Preikschas attended the Cold Weather Indoctrination Course, on 20 February 1994, placing in the top 3rd of the candidates, with an exam mark of 100%. The following October he graduated from his Military Occupation Course held in CFB Borden.
He was promoted to Lieutenant on 30 May 1995 and commanded 1943 Cadet Battery until June 1996. He stayed on as a Battery Captain, managing the training and operations of the unit, until transferring to 105 RC(Army)CC in September 2000. 
In 1997 Captain Preikschas returned to school, studying Computer Network Engineering. After graduation, he accepted a position as IT instructor at the Canadian IT College in Toronto. Since that time he has been raised to the position of Dean of Computer Studies. Now he is the Director of IT for the Bond Education Group, which provides a range of private education, in Toronto and China. 
Over the years, he has held the position as Second in Command, Adjutant and Quartermaster at 105.