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Capt Dave Piercey

Capt Piercey was born and raised in Normanís Cove, Newfoundland in 1975.  He enrolled as a cadet with 2903 Lions Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps at the age of 13 on 01 September 1988.  Capt Piercey attended summer camp at Argonaut ACSTC and aged out of the cadet program in 1993 having completed his Gold Star Qualification.

Capt Piercey  paraded with 2903 Lions RCACC in the position of Supply Officer from September 1993 until September 1997.  He enrolled as a CIC Officer in June 1995.  He took command of 2903 on 11 November 1997 . 

Capt Piercey completed his BOQ in June 1995 with RCIS ( Atlantic ) at CFB Greenwood. The following summer he worked as a Pl Comd, E-Coy at Argonaut ACSTC.  He completed his MOC (Land) at CFS St. Johnís with RCIS ( Atlantic ) in 03 December 1995 and returned to Argonaut ACSTC in the summer of 1996 as AdmO, F Coy.  Capt Piercey completed  his LTQ at CFS St. Johnís with RCIS ( Atlantic ) and his JOLC at CFB Borden with RCIS (Central) in 1996, returning as AdmO, F-Coy the following summer.

Capt Piercey resigned as Commanding Officer of 2903 Lions RCACC in March 1998 when he moved to Cambridge Bay, NWT.  Here he took the position of TrgO with 3005 Ikaluktutiak RCACC.  In March 1999 he moved to Repulse Bay , Nunavut where he took command of 3055 Naujat RCACC.  He continued in this position until March 1999 when he transferred to the SupR and moved to Quebec .

Upon moving from Quebec to Calgary, Capt Piercey transferred to 1955 Svc Bn RCACC.  Here he filled the roll of TrgO until taking command of the unit in May 2005.

Capt Piercey currently resides in Calgary with his spouse Bertha Tukturdjuk.  He is pursuing a BA at Memorial University of Newfoundland, and works as a manager with Aviscar Inc.