Captain M. R. Kneale 

Capt. Kneale was born in Shanghai, China and was educated in
Australia, Singapore, England and Canada. During World War II, Capt.
Kneale and his mother were captured by the Japanese in the Philippine
Islands and spent forty months as Prisoners of War.

After graduation from High School, Capt. Kneale joined the Canadian
Imperial Bank of Commerce serving in various Alberta centers. In 1972
Capt. Kneale left the Bank and joined the Insurance Industry. In 1980 he
became an independent insurance broker representing several large
Insurance Companies.

Capt. Kneale was an Air Cadet from 1953 -1958 and served with the
Loyal Edmonton Regiment from 1961 -1964. 1973 - 1975 Capt. Kneale
served as a Supply Officer with PPCLI Cadets. 1981 to the present - Svc
Bn Cadets.

Capt. Kneale is married to the former Jolene Johnson and has three