Captain Wm. J. Patterson was born in Tisdale, Saskatchewan, where he commenced
his military career in 1939 as an Army cadet. In 1942 he moved on to the local Militia
with the Prince Alberta Volunteers until entering the Canadian Army Active in 1944
as a trades training candidate.

After graduating in early 1945 as a Clerk Admin he commenced advanced infantry
training at Utopia, New Brunswick. On cessation of hostilities in NW. Europe in 1945,
he was transferred to the Canadian Provost Corps in St. John, New Brunswick, where
his career as a Military Policeman commenced. In the subsequent years Captain
Patterson has served in every province and territory of Canada, as well as tours of
duty in NATO, UN, Egypt and Cyprus.

The majority of Captain Patterson's career was devoted to the training and development of military police Jr officers and men/women both in a senior supervisory capacity in the field and as a staff member of the CF School of Intelligence and Security. He was commissioned from Master Warrant Officer in 1967 while serving as Company Sergeant Major of UN Military Police Company Cyprus, and was appointed Base Security Officer CF Airbase Moose Jaw His next appointment In 1971 was as Staff Officer Security at Air Transport Command, HQ Trenton, Ontario.

In 1974 Captain Patterson was transferred back to the Army to 1 Service Battalion,
CFB Calgary as senior Military Police Officer In April 1975 he was appointed the first
Commanding Officer of 1 Canadian Brigade Group Military Police Platoon when the
Platoon became a separate unit of the Bde until his retirement from the Canadian
Forces in July 1978.

Captain Patterson through his service career has been an active member in community groups, managing teen clubs, boys and girls hockey and softball at the various bases he has served. His association with the 1955 Calgary Service Battalion Cadet Corps commenced in May 1978 as unit Training Officer of the Corps He served as Commanding Officer of the 1955 Calgary Service Battalion Cadet Corps from March 22, 1979, to December 5, 1979.