Captain G. C. Saunders 

Capt. Saunders was born in St. John's, Newfoundland in March 1958.
He joined 2355 Royal Canadian Engineers Army Cadet Corps in January
1970. He was awarded his Gold Star in 1975 and was selected to attend the Outward Bound Mountaineering School in The United Kingdom in the
following year.

Capt. Saunders finished his cadet career in 1976 at the rank of cadet
major and enrolled in The Cadet Instructors List (CIL). He served as the
Training Officer with 2355 RCACC from 1976 -1981. During that time he
was trained by the Regional Cadet Instructors' School (Atlantic). He
graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland in 1981 with a BSc
(Hon) degree in geology and accepted employment in Calgary.
Capt. Saunders transferred to 1955 (Calgary) Service Battalion Cadet
Corps in the fall of 1981. He took command in January 1983 and was
promoted to his present position rank of Captain in September of that year. 

During his leadership in the last five years, the corps has undergone a
three fold strength increase and has risen to become one of the finest Army Cadet Corps in the province of Alberta.
Capt. Saunders is married to the former Bev Parrot.