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#1955 Cadet Corps 1940s

Chief Inst. : J.J. Souter
September, Cadets once again walked the halls of Western Canada high for the first time in seven years. The movement was reincarnated due to the war. Though the boys did not have uniforms, they practiced drill just the same. Uniforms were promised but it was realized that it would take some time due to the war. Training was held twice weekly. The basement 30 yard ranges were used quite frequently.



May, the corps is official as paperwork is completed and signed of in Ottawa, more than 2 years since the corps began parading.

64 cadets all ranks, including 2 female cadets

June 17 1943 - Calgary Herald:

High school corps with regimental association - 

Western Canada HS - 41st Field Regt. RCA Army Cadets
Central HS - 2nd Batt. Calgary Highlanders
Crescent Heights HS - 14th Army Tank Regt
St. Mary’s Boy’s school HS - Royal Canadian Army Service Corps

The title “Royal” was conferred by his Majesty, King George VI, and the designation Royal Canadian Army Cadets was authorized. His Majesty also accepted the appointment of Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Canadian Army Cadets. 

Cadet CO C/Maj. Allan Dowsley         Cadet DCO C/Capt. V. Bentley               Cadet SM Sgt C. Mcintyre

Western Canada High School Cadet Shooting Team competing in 14th (R) Army Tank Regt Trophy shoot, March 27, 1943 
left-right back row: C/ Maj A. Dowsley, C/ Cpl J. Konkin, C/ Capt V. Bentley, Cadet W. Jottreau, Cadet W. Morgan, Cadet G. Atkinson.
Front row: C/ Sgt C. Breen, Cadet A. Shaw, C/ QMS R. Thomas, C/ Sgt D. Waters, Cadet D. McTeer (Canadian Army Photo M.D.13, Army Cadet League Collection)


cadets all ranks, including female cadets
Summer camp at Sarcee, 10 days under canvas

Cadet CO C/Maj. Ross Thomas           Cadet DCO C/Capt. John Boyd              Cadet SM WO2 Jack Martin


10 day annual Summer camp held at Camp Sarcee, 900 cadets from around the province
cadets all ranks, including female cadets

Cadet CO C/Maj. Ken McKenna         Cadet DCO C/Capt. Fred Jessie              Cadet SM WO2 Jim Rhuler


cadets all ranks, including female cadets
With the end of W.W.II returning units were demobilized and disbanded, this occurred with 1955’s affiliated unit, the 41st Field Regt RCA. 19th Medium Regt was now the Calgary based artillery unit, they quickly became the corps affiliated regiment.

Cadet CO C/Maj. Douglas Attrell        Cadet DCO  C/Lt. Jim Ruller                     Cadet SM WO2 Walter Hnatuik


1946 Corps went on winter schemes to Mount Norquay for skiing, billeted at Banff’s 25 Battery RCA armouries. cadets all ranks, including female cadets
25 pounder firing 1947

Cadet CO C/Maj. Douglas Attrell         Cadet DCO  C/Lt. G Gardiner                    Cadet SM WO2 V. Knatiuk

from the Western Canada High School (Calgary) annual magazine 1946-47


cadets all ranks, 
Banff National Cadet Camp opened.
400 cadets under canvas at Camp Sarcee for annual 10 day summer camp.
ski schemes 1948

The cadets were issued their Royal Canadian Artillery hat badges and khaki berets replacing the wedge and cadet hat badge.

Cadet CO C/Maj. A. Brown

from the Western Canada High School (Calgary) annual magazine 1947-48


cadets all ranks, 
Vernon Army Cadet Camp opens, cadets from BC attend a ten day summer camp, many stay on to attend a six week trades training camp

from the Western Canada High School (Calgary) annual magazine 1948-49


May 15 - 22, Army week: May 18

In the late 40’s with the war a fast fading memory, the school board was no longer interested in sponsoring cadets, the corps began moving out of the schools. Around 1949 or ‘50, 1955 was moved from Western Canada High School to Mewatta Armouries, cadet offices were now located in the WWII era H-Huts immediately to the south of the armoury. While the cadets paraded on Mewatta parade square, the basement rifle ranges were used by the cadets as well.

cadets all ranks,