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#1955 Cadet Corps 


cadets all ranks, 

annual inspection 27 May 1965
Inspecting Officer: Brig W. A. Howard CD Militia Advisor
awards: Best all-round cadet C/Sgt Jackman J
Best senior cadet C/Bdr Huxley B
Best junior cadet Cdt Krusel L
2nd place junior cadet 
First Aid award 
most improved senior shot 
most improved junior shot 
Master Cadet Award 
NCO School trophy 
LCol Mooney challenge trophy 
annual Inter-corps shooting competition the corps


Best Shot - C/LBdr R. DeCoteau (unknown)


cadets all ranks
1966 the decision was made to rebadge as the 19th Med Regt RCA had been disbanded 2 years earlier resulting in changing affiliation to the Lethbridge based RCA unit. This had proved less than adequate due to the distance. In an unusual move, the decision was left in the cadets hands, they voted to wear the Provost hat badge of the newly formed Calgary Service Battalion (Militia), the affiliation was changed and the following year the corps rebadged to Provost corps. They would prove to be the first cadet corps in the country to wear the Provost hat badge. The end was on Dec 31/66 now Provost corps now affiliated with 14 Service Battalion