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#1955 Cadet Corps 


Change of affiliation from RCA to C Pro C 28 Feb 1967


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1967 was Canada’s centennial year. In celebrating the occasion, a Military Tattoo was conducted on June 23 by the cadets corps and squadrons in Calgary at the Corral in the spring just prior to the annual inspections. 

The corps departing Mewata Armoury aboard 2 1/2 ton trucks possibly for a day at the ranges at Sarcee Barracks, 1968. note on the right, you can clearly see the end of one of the WWII era H-Huts that served as offices before being torn down in the early 1970s. 

Annual Inspection 10 May 1968 C/Maj J. Johnson Capt Art Holm, C/Capt R. Rossetti (John Bacon)

LCol Lee Thompson (CO 14 Calgary Svc Bn) with the cadets winning their awards (John Bacon)


 (John Bacon)