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#1955 Cadet Corps 


Combined band 1955 C Pro C, 1229 LdSH & 2554 PPCLI at Moose Jaw Band competition (courtesy Derek Covell)

3rd row: Lt Kelly Eshpeter (1), ? Steve Ryder (3), ?, Derek Covell (5), ?, Rick Liukaitis (7), Zingelar (8), ?, ?, Florence Arseneault (11), Rob Dimmer (12), Capt Roy Jardine (13) 
2nd row: Debbie Padley (1), Elzabeth Chisholm (2), Laura Marion (3), Cary-Ann Waden (4), Marty Zimmer (5), ?, ?, ?, ?, Mary Garitson (10), Jennifer Zingelar (11)
1st row: ?, Pon (2), Pat Weeks (3), ?, Alex Chisholm (5), ?, Dave Sharpe (7), John McKenzie (8), ?, ?, ?, ?. George Koroly (13)


clockwise from upper left - Rob Dimmer and ? at Dairy Queen a popular after cadet hang-out; Jim Drinkall; Rick ?; Randy Siefried and cadets at back of armoury (Derek Covell)


(Derek Covell)


Rick Liukaitis (Derek Covell)


(Derek Covell)


Tattoo at Stampede Corral (Derek Covell)

Derek Covell at Stampede Corral during Tattoo (Derek Covell)


(Derek Covell)


Derek Covell at Mewata armoury (Derek Covell)


47 cadets all ranks, Drum Major R Liukaitis, Parade nights Thurs nights 6:30 PM
ex to BATUS

Going for a ride in a British Army AFV432 APC at Suffield. (F. Arseneault coll.)


Cheryl Wood in crew commander's hatch


driving in Suffield training area

Cadet CO C/Maj. Allen Zingeler                                                          Cadet SM RSM Rob Dimmer


Senior cadet Cpl. Derek Covell went UK exchange for six weeks. VACC: CLI; CL; Whitehorse Army cadet camp cadet. Parade nights Thurs nights 6:30 PM cadets all ranks, including female cadets