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#1955 Cadet Corps 


tattoo at the Corral reviewing officer: Adm. falls CDS
40 cadets all ranks Range nights Tues 6:30 pm, Parade nights Thurs nights 6:30 PM

Ex Alpha - July 1-6, Cobble flats, Bow Crow Forests reserve (K-Country)
Ex Bravo - Aug. 1-6, Cobble flats, Bow Crow Forests reserve (K-Country)
Ex Voyageur III - Sept. 28 - 30, Cochrane. Canoeing exercise on the Bow river.
Ex Warm Up III - Feb. 17-19, Sarcee Training area. Winter indoc

Battle dress worn until Feb. 1978, corps then issued with new work dress uniforms, rebadged to Service Battalion. Issued small narrow Service Battalion shoulder flash originally produced in 1963 for 3 (Experimental) Service Battalion in Camp Gagetown, NB. Additional affiliation with 1 Service battalion (Regular force). Many of the cadets headed off to VACC in early July for six weeks of training, Cdt Lynn Rice was off to Band for 7 weeks, Sgt Diane Neatby to BNACC. Senior cadets MWO Derek Covell and WO Cheryl Wood were off to staff positions in BNACC & VACC respectively. Some 14 cadets went on various courses at VACC: CLI; CL; JL; Band.

Cadet CO MWO Derick Covelle                                                            Cadet SM Sgt Cheryl Wood



1955 Svc Bn Cadet Corps (1978)

3rd row: Shawn Koran (1), Terry Lukin (3), Marie Banks (14), Dale Faulkner (15)
2nd row: Les Thompson (1), Troy Lonsdale (2), Chuck Von (3), Mcdermid (4), Bev Huberawich (5), Thistletwaite (6), Brad Elias (8), Lynn Rice (9), , Dave Maille (10), ?, Brian Brown (12), Francois Arseneault (13), Cheryl Wood (14)
1st row: Derek Covell (1), Jeff Lonsdale (9), Dianne Neatby (11)







Regular parade night Spring 1978 (Derek Covell)






1978 Annual Inspection



C/Sgt Shawn Koran 2 platoon commander



Dale Falconer, Brad Elias


Cheryl Wood and Shawn Koran receiving the Gold Star certificates 


Shawn Koran


C/MWO Derek Covell commanding the corps


C/MWO Derek Covell


C/MWO Derek Covell receiving an award 


reviewing officer Col Peter C. Bawden Honorary CO 14 Service Battalion





March past (all annual inspection photos Derek Covell)


For a brief period, the new red cadet rank was not available to cadet corps, the old battledress rank was no longer available, the solution was to use the the current CF work dress rank. Many other similar solutions occurred at corps. (Derek Covell)


Canoe exercise bivouac site at Cochrane, Sept


Canoe exercise bivouac site at Cochrane, Sept


Canoe exercise bivouac site at Cochrane, Sept



Parade nights Range nights Tues 6:30 pm, Thurs nights 6:30 PM 
Ex Voyageur IV - Sept. 29 - Oct. 1, Cochrane. Canoeing exercise near disaster, fast moving severe thunderstorm sweeps across Bearspaw reservoir trapping two canoes with 4 cadets on western end of lake, they take cover on shore and are found safe several hours later at nearby farm house.
Ex Cold Venture IV Dec. 27-29, Camp Cadicasu. Winter indoc
EX ??? April 7 Chain Lakes
1979 tour of Waincon’79 via Chinook of 447 Sqn - 40 cadets and staff tour the training area at Wainwright during 1CMBG's annual spring training exercise.
VACC: Staff 2 cadets; CLI 4 cadets; CL 6 cadets; JL 2 cadets, Band 2 cadets