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#1955 Cadet Corps 



Range nights Tues 6:30 pm, Parade nights Thurs nights 6:30 PM
Ex Pathfinder Oct. 19-21, Camp Cadicasu
Ex Bigfoot II, Dec. 14-16
Ex Cold Venture V Dec. 27-30, Camp Cadicasu. Winter indoc
Ex Bigfoot III, March 14-16. Winter indoc
Ex ???, Mar 22, Intercorps Gold Star Orienteering competition, Currie Barracks 
Ex Pioneer, June 20-22, Ford creek, K-Country. Year end hiking trip, entire corps involved in rescue of seriously injured camper 7 km from nearest road. 

Annual Tattoo program held at Corral and for the first time taken on the road to Lethbridge and Edmonton over the next four weeks. 20 corps and squadrons participate with a total of 400 cadets. 

In 1980 a mass annual inspection was paraded on Currie’s parade square with LGen Stan Waters as reviewing officer. The Service Battalion and PPCLI bands were combined.

Oct 1979 - Sept 1980 Cadet CO C/Capt. Sue Hazard, Cadet DCO C/Lt. Diane Neatby, Cadet SM MWO Troy Lonsdale

(F. Arseneault coll.)


Darlene Home and Glen Home. (Darlene Arseneault (Nee.Home))


The parade (Darlene Arseneault (Nee.Home))


WO Francois Arseneault receiving Best Senior Cadet at the annual inspection. (unknown)

Senior cadets on staff call out: MWO Troy Lonsdale VACC; WO Francois Arseneault VACC; Cpl. Scott Horn VACC. C/Sgts P Watterston and D Maillie went to BNACC on course.

Nominal Roll 57 all ranks:
F Arseneault; S Arseneault; D Atkinson; D Bakke: D Barker; D Bishell; K Chernow; W Demich; J Donville; N Donville; D Dueck; R Edmonds; C Flamano; R Gornick; D Hazard; W Hermanson, S Horn; K Howton; T Jackson; W Kinsbury; T Kuzyk; W Lance; P Lavoie; S Lemiere; T Lonsdale; D Maille; D McDiarmid; G McDiarmid; D Oxenforth; J Potter; T Potter; S Rochon; S Stewart; R Thomson; D Thomas; K Thomson; P Watterston; W Westhaver: L Banks; M Borland; C L Edmonds; C M Edmonds; M Goodland; S Hazard; S Hewitt; D Home; B Hubarewich; V Hubarewich; W Lukin; D Neatby; D M Oxenforth; P M Potter; V Pritchard; M Rolfe; C Veresh; B Wilkinson; M Wilson.


1955 Svc Bn Cadet Corps (1980)

4th row: S. Rochon(1), Darrel Oxenforth (3), Tina Edmonds (4), Dianne Neatby (5), Cathy Edmonds (6), McDermiad (7)
3rd row: Darcy Oxenforth (4), Bev Huberawich (5), D. Hazard (6), Shawn Lemire (7),
2nd row: Dwayne Bishell (1), Wilma Lukin (2), Todd Jackson (4), Darlene Home (5), Wade Westhaver (7), Mary Rolfe (8), Brenda Wilkinson (9), T. Kuzyk (11), Simon Arseneault (12),
1st row: McDermiad, Sean Stewart, Pat Watterston, Troy Lonsdale, Susan Hazard, Francois Arseneault, Dave Maille, Carol Veresh, Scott Horn

Annual inspection corps photo

Ex Cold Venture V photos

Ex Bigfoot III photos


Darlene Home and Pat Waterston (Darlene Arseneault (nee.Home))


Bottom photo Darcy Oxenforth, Capt Mike Crabbe, Cathy Edmonds (Darlene Arseneault (nee.Home))