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#1955 Cadet Corps 



Parade nights Thurs nights 6:30 pm cadets all ranks, including female cadets 
The last annual tattoo show held at the Corral in April.
Ex Rapid Revenge II, Set 12-14, Sarcee training area. Combined arms militia exercise, cadets included

Sept 1980 - June 1981 Cadet CO C/Capt. Diane Neatby         Cadet DCO C/Lt. Francois Arseneault  Cadet SM MWO Dave Maille

1955 Svc Bn Cadet Corps (1981)

3rd row: Wade Westhaver (1), Flora Littlechild (3), Rochon (6), Pat Waterston (13)
2nd row: McDermiad (6), Darcy Oxenforth (7), McDermiad (8), Todd Jackson (11), Simon Arseneault (12), Sean Stewart (13)
1st row: Darlene Home, Dwayne Bishell, Troy Lonsdale, Dianne Neatby, Francois Arseneault, Dave Maille, Tina Edmonds, Cathy Edmonds


 (Darlene Arseneault (nee.Home))


1981 Cadet Tattoo at the Stampede Corral, the final Tattoo. (Darlene Arseneault (nee.Home))


 (Darlene Arseneault (nee.Home))


Sgt Darlene Home and unidentified cadet as escorts for 14 Service Battalion's Freedom of the City parade in Cochrane AB, July 1981 


Combined 2554 and 1955 cadet Corps band, competing at Kinsmen Music Festival Moose Jaw

2nd row: Dwayne Bishell (2), Glen Robson (4), Mike Parkin (5), Elaine McGunigal (7), Carol Verish (8), Cathy Edmonds (9), Robyn Picvkup (10)
1st row: Pam Rhude (3), Jon Penner (7),



(courtesy Darlene Arseneault (nee.Home))


Parade nights Thurs nights 6:30 pm cadets all ranks, including female cadets
Annual Inspection June 10, 1982

June 1981- June 1982 Cadet CO C/Capt. Pat Watterston, Cadet DCO C/Lt. Todd Jackson , Cadet SM MWO Shaun Stewart

(F. Arseneault coll.)


Top photo: Todd Jackson, Pat Watterston, Pte Shawn Koran (1 Svc Bn) (Darlene Arseneault (nee.Home)


top photo: Simon Arseneault, Little Youngman, middle photo Shawn Stewart  (Darlene Arseneault (nee.Home)


Sleeping chalets Cadacasiu (Darlene Arseneault (nee.Home)


Little Youngman, and unidentified cadets, interior sleeping chalets (Darlene Arseneault (nee.Home)


 (Darlene Arseneault (nee.Home)


 (Darlene Arseneault (nee.Home)


Top and bottom photo: Lt Molly MacKenzie interior Cadacasiu mess hall kitchen (Darlene Arseneault (nee.Home)


Cadacasiu Cpl Holloway, ?, Molly MacKenzie, Capt Mike Crabbe, ? (Darlene Arseneault (nee.Home)


Todd Jackson  (Darlene Arseneault (nee.Home))


Darlene Home  (Darlene Arseneault (nee.Home))


(Darlene Arseneault (nee.Home)