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#1955 Cadet Corps 



Annual Ceremonial review 4 June 2006



The march past, with pipes & drums leading. It should be noted, the Pipes & Drums are newly formed with all the cadets having only just learned to play their instruments since Oct 2005 under the direction of CI Bridgette Conacannon, a remarkable achievement due in no small part to her dedication and perseverance.   (F.Arseneault) 


The flag party (F.Arseneault) 


The corps (F.Arseneault) 




 Most Outstanding recruit, Cdt Webb receiving his award from Ron Senior, Royal Canadian Legion Rep (F.Arseneault) 


 Most Improved Cadet, Cdt Wilkinson receiving his award from Francois Arseneault League Rep (Melanie Watkins) 


 Most Outstanding Section, 2 Section MCpl Kwong receiving the award from Captain Neville Head ACO (F.Arseneault) 


 Top Bandsman, Cpl Carpino receiving his award from CI Concannon (F.Arseneault) 


Most Outstanding Senior Cadet WO Young, receiving his award from LCol Doherty, CO 14 Svc Bn and Reviewing Officer (F.Arseneault) 


 Most Outstanding Contribution, MCpl Kwong receiving his award from Capt Piercey, CO 1955 Svc Bn RC(Army)CC (F.Arseneault) 


 LCol Doherty, CO 14 Svc Bn and Reviewing Officer speaking to the cadets (F.Arseneault) 


Advance and review order and general salute (F.Arseneault) 


Parents, friends and family on hand to witness the parade (F.Arseneault) 


Cadets demonstrating a recce for a bivouac site (F.Arseneault) 


A cadet is injured on the recce, time to call in help (F.Arseneault) 


MCpl Kumar arrives to assist with first aid... (F.Arseneault) 


... and help get the injured cadet back to base camp (F.Arseneault) 


Displays (F.Arseneault) 


Air rifle display (F.Arseneault) 


Old and new, a 1950s period cadet battle dress and the current day cadet tunic (F.Arseneault) 


 Supper... burgers, salad and treats (F.Arseneault) 




Capt Peircey addresses the audience (F.Arseneault) 






A thank you to the reviewing officer (F.Arseneault) 


A thank you plaque to Mr Arseneault who is leaving the corps as league rep after 8 years. Ms Melanie Watkins is the new league rep and comes from a military family with a long history with corps as a former cadet and CI, her father Maj (ret'd) Mike Crabbe CD is a former Commanding Officer of the corps in the early 1980s.    (F.Arseneault) 


WO Michael Young receives his Army Cadet Long Service Medal from LCol Dogherty. The medal is awarded for 4 years service as a cadet. (F.Arseneault) 




Pride! (F. Arseneault) 


The corps (F. Arseneault)


Promotion Parade Oct 2006 (F. Arseneault)

























(F. Arseneault)


 (F. Arseneault)

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