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#1955 Cadet Corps 




regular training night detail, 23 Jan 2007  (F. Arseneault)


regular training night detail, 23 Jan 2007  (F. Arseneault)


regular training night detail, 23 Jan 2007  (F. Arseneault)



regular parade night 8 May 2007  (F. Arseneault)


regular parade night 8 May 2007 (F. Arseneault)


On 8 May, during a regular parade night, visiting former cadet and current Admin officer Capt Diane Scott with #318 RCA RC(Army)CC Woodstock NB, was met by a group of former cadets for a surprise visit. From Left to right Marcello Carbognin, Derek Covell, Diane Scott (nee.Neatby), Bev McKinnon (nee.Huberawch), Paul Haddon, Chuck Von. This group represents the 1975-80 period of 1955 Service Battalion RC(Army)CC and about 32 years of collective cadet history with the corps. (F. Arseneault)



2007 ACR 6 June 2007






Marker called


Parade falls in 





CI Steve MacDonald emcees the parade 


Flag party









arrival of the reviewing officer 







Inspecting the corps




















march past













guests: Darlene Arseneault Secretary treasurer Army Cadet League Alberta Branch, Mrs Crabbe, Maj (retd) Mike Crabbe CD former CO of the cadet corps 1980-82, Melanie Gilmour League rep


Tope Recruit Cdt Sage


Top 1st year cadet







C/MCpl Steiman receives his Army Cadet Long Service Medal



Most Outstanding contribution C/MWO Young



Capt Dave Peircey receives his Canadian Forces Decoration, denoting 12 years of service to the CF













The corps


drill team






























(all photos F.Arseneault)


CO's parade 2 Oct 2007



C/MWO Young's final parade



Inspecting the corps



March past


Promotions to Private


Promotions to Sgt - C/Sgt Steamans and C/Sgt Carpino


Promotion to Warrant Officer - C/WO Kwong


Promotion to CWO - C/CWO Young


With the departure and retiring of C/CWO Young, the Sgt Maj's pace stick is handing over to the new Corps Sgt Maj, C/WO Kwong


Lt Wood, outgoing Sgt Maj C/CWO Young, and incoming Sgt Maj C/WO Kwong






Advance in review order


Three cheers for CWO Young!




C/CWO Young speaks one last time with the cadets. (all photos F. Arseneault)




see 134 Cadet Corps (1905-34) and 2378 Cadet Corps (1950-54) for related information