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#2065 Cadet Corps




St.Joseph College [2065] after WW2 acquired H-huts which were moved and attached to original 1920 college building. H-huts originally were 
built in 1941 to serve as RCAF barracks at Yorkton Airport BCATP #11 SFTS [British Commonwealth Air training Plan #11 Service Flight Training School] 
Airport used Crane, Anson and Harvard aircraft for training also a secret op Hurricane fighter to neutralize fire bomb balloons launched from Japan 
during Nov.1944. Air base closed 1 Dec 1944. One H-hut then served 2065 as corps classrooms, indoor drill hall [one troop at a time out of 16] 
quartermaster stores issuing and reissuing over 300 olive wool uniforms called "Battle Dress' to growing cadets who regularly out grew them as 
they progressed from grade 9 to grade 12.
Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Clarence Demchuk 


(courtesy Clarence Demchuk)