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#2136 Cadet Corps



ACR (Annual Cadet Review)

ACR 2005 was taken in June 2005. It is the 2136 cadet corps on the steps of the Bay Street Armouries (home of the Canadian Scottish Regiment).
Top (6th row): WO Charlotte Donovan, WO Andrew O'Boyle, Sgt Mac Lindsay
5th row: MCpl Knight, MCpl Bennie, unknown, Cpl MacDonald
4th row: unknown, unknown, Cpl Tyler Fearn, Pte Greg Massa, Cpl John Cridland, MCpl MacKinnon
3rd row: unknown, unknown, unknown, Cpl Whitson, unknown, Cdt McIntyre, CPO2 Dave Bliss
2nd row: unknown, unknown, MCpl Robyn Cole, unknown, unknown, MCpl Amanda Bone, Cpl Sabrina Murty, Cpl Chris Cole, unknown
1st row: WO Rob Chalmers, Sgt Terry Higgins, CD (Ret.), Sgt McIntyre, Lt Ian Aastrom, Lt Larry Jeffries, CWO Ryan Forbes, Capt Dave Jones, unknown, OCdt Fearn, Mr Lynn, MCpl Wolf, Mrs White. (Ryan Forbes)


 May 2005. MWO Ryan Forbes and WO Rob Chalmers saluting the Army Cadet League representative after receiving their 5 year service medals. (Ryan Forbes)


 MWO Ryan Forbes and WO Rob Chalmers receiving their 5 year service medals from the Army Cadet League representative. (Ryan Forbes)


  MWO Ryan Forbes receiving the Lord Strathcona medal. (Ryan Forbes)


Parade 30 Nov 2005

The first march past, with the cadet band leading, RSM - CWO Ryan Forbes behind them, 1 Platoon WO - MCpl John Cridland, and CSM - MWO Rob Chalmers. (Ryan Forbes)



The hand over of the pace stick from outgoing RSM, CWO Ryan Forbes to incoming RSM, MWO Rob Chalmers. (Ryan Forbes)


MWO Rob Chalmers during the Advance in Review Order. (Ryan Forbes)


2136 cadet corps band with pipers MCpl Josh MacDonland and Sgt Jane Ho, bass drummer MCpl Whitson, and snare drummer Cpl Chris Cole. (Ryan Forbes)


 Close up picture of the details of the cadet corps pace stick. It was donated by a past RSM of the regiment, presented to the corps on the ACR in May 2005. (Ryan Forbes)


Cpl Sabrina Murty enjoys a lesson on predicting change in weather (C/Cpl Nate Clarke)


1 Section, MCpl Justin Whitson, Cpl Sean Claire, WO Andrew O'Boyle, Cpl Sabrina Murty set up a half shelter blindfolded (C/Cpl Nate Clarke)


Warrant Officer Charlotte Donovan assists Corporal Sabrina Murty in mod tent set up. (C/Cpl Nate Clarke)


Corporal Winston Chou participates in setting up a mod tent (C/Cpl Nate Clarke)



Weekend FTX held at Nanaimo Military Base 19-21 May 2006

(C/MCpl Nate Clarke)


(C/MCpl Nate Clarke)


Sgt Cridland is assisting a cadet in putting on a harness (C/MCpl Nate Clarke)


Cadet Logan on the rock with Capt.Jeffries coaching at the top (C/MCpl Nate Clarke)


Cadet Logan and Sgt Cridland who is detaching the belay and rappel lines. (C/MCpl Nate Clarke)


1 Platoon. In front is Sgt.Cridland (C/MCpl Nate Clarke)