Capt Ken Prince


In September 1977 Captain Prince joined Army Cadets at the age of thirteen. He spent five years as a cadet with 2381 RCACC and 2914 RCACC in Vancouver, BC.  During his cadet time Captain Prince attended various summer courses and staff positions at Vernon Army Cadet Camp and also was awarded a Hawaii USMC Exchange for his top scores at the provincial National Star Cadet Exam.

Captain Prince joined the Cadet Instructors List after ageing out of the cadet program and was enrolled as an officer in March 1984.  He served as an officer with 2472 RCACC from March 1984 to May 1987.  From May 1987 to September 1998 he was on the Supplementary Reserve slate while involved with family business commitments. In September 1998 Captain Prince resumed his Cadet Program involvement with 2472 RCACC and served in many corps officer positions including Training Officer and Deputy Commanding Officer.

 During his time as a CIC officer, he held various appointments at Vernon Army Cadet Summer Training Center and Rocky Mountain National Summer Training Center from 1999 to 2001.  In 2002 Captain Prince completed the Canadian Forces Parachute Course at CFB Trenton and returned in 2003 as the Officer Commanding of the Cadet Basic Parachute Course attached to Connaught National Summer Training Center.

Captain Prince presently works with Pacific Region Army Cadets as the Fraser Valley/Vancouver North Zone Adventure Training Officer and Pre-Parachute Course Conducting Officer for the province.  Captain Prince has instructed various CIC courses at the Regional Cadet Instructor School in Pacific and Central Regions.  He has studied Business Management at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Burnaby BC.  He is currently employed as a Deputy Sheriff with the Ministry of Attorney General.  Captain Prince resides in Surrey with his family.