Brigadier General Peter B. Kilby CD KH

Brigadier General Kilby has served a total of thirty-two years in various components of the Canadian Armed Forces. He joined the Royal Westminster Regiment in 1951 where he served as a private soldier in the infantry. In 1953, he transfered to the British Columbia Regiment. During his service with the BCR, he earned his commission as a lieutenant in the armoured corps. In 1958, he was accepted into the Regular Officer Training Plan. He was inducted into the Canadian Army (Regular) and assigned to the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals. He attended the University of British Columbia as an officer cadet in the corps.

The general served with RC Sigs for the next five years. During that time he underwent training and was employed in various capacities at the School of Signals in Kingston, Onto The last two years of his regular service were with the airborne battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment (2RCR) in London, Onto He took his release from the Regular Force in the summer of 1963. Bgen Kilby immediately re-enrolled in the Canadian Army (Militia) and served again with the British Columbia Regiment. During his time with the BCR, he was employed variously as Adjutant, Squadron Commander and Deputy Commanding Officer. Civilian commitments made it necessary for him to transfer to the Supplementary Reserve in 1969.

The Kilbys moved from Vancouver to Salmon Arm in 1971. The general became the Army Cadet League Liaison Officer for this region in 1978. Two years later, he rejoined the Militia as Commanding Officer of one of the three Militia units in the interior of the province, The Rocky Mountain Rangers. He served as such until his appointment as Deputy Commander, Militia Area Pacific, in 1984. Promotion, to the rank of Brigadier-General and appointment as Commander, Militia Area Pacific, followed in 1985. The general served as Area Commander until 24 August, 1988, when he once again transfered to the Supplementary Reserve.

In April of 1990, BGen Kilby accepted the appointment of Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel of The Rocky Mountain Rangers. In this capacity, he has close contact with the eight Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps which are affiliated with the Rangers.

In civilian life, BGen Kilby is employed by the Shuswap School District as a classroom teacher. He possesses his BA degree (U.B.C.) and his Master of Arts (S.F. U.) and presently teaches at Bastion Elementary School. Mrs. Kilby is also employed by the school district and works as librarian at Ranchero Elementary School. The Kilbys' daughter, Elizabeth is completing her work on a Master of Arts degree at the University of Victoria. Their son, Acton, and his wife, Margaret, are both captains in the Regular Army. Acton is in the RCR and is presently serving with the Airborne Regiment in Petawawa. Margaret is assigned to NDHQ in Ottawa as a staff officer.