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Maj Harry Haultain Badger, MC

Badger, Harry Haultain, Lieutenant - Military Cross - Infantry (Royal Winnipeg Rifles) - awarded as per Canada Gazette and CARO/5718, both dated 26 May 1945. Originated as recommended for an immediate award on 3 March 1945; approved by Headquarters, 7 Canadian Infantry Brigade on 5 March 1945 and passed forward on 6 March 1945; approved by Headquarters, 3 Canadian Infantry Division on 11 March 1945 and passed forward on 23 March 1945; approved by Headquarters, 2 Canadian Corps on 25 March 1945 and passed forward on 5 April 1945; approved by Headquarters, First Canadian Army on 6 April 1945 and passed for action on 10 April 1945.

On the 16 February 1945, Lieutenant Harry Haultain Badger was commanding Number 9 Platoon [Royal Winnipeg Rifles] which led "A" Company's assault on the fortified village of Louisendorf, Germany. The attack was made in Kangaroos, troop carrying tanks, and in the advance two of the tanks were knocked out leaving only the Platoon Commander and ten men to make the attack.

About 50 yards from the objective Lieutenant Badger and his men dismounted under extremely heavy shell fire as well as machine gun fire from a group of buildings nearby. Undeterred the Platoon Commander quickly rallied his men and pressed home his attack with such vigour that the enemy's resistance collapsed. They were then fired on by the enemy in a blockhouse to the right. Realizing that, with his small party, he could not hope to clear the blockhouse, he dashed out of the building across a field that was being swept by machine gun fire to a troop of tanks that were supporting the company attack and obtained one from the troop commander to support his attack. Gathering up his men on the return trip the small party rushed the blockhouse with such zeal that the enemy, 50 in all, surrendered. With such daring was this attack carried out that the group suffered only two casualties.

By his courage, determination, offensive spirit and coolness under fire Lieutenant Badger was able to demoralize the enemy, break into the defences and seize his objective.