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#2554 Cadet Corps 



4th row: Ken Peterson (2), Ernie Wallace (6)
3rd row: Osbourne (5), Butch Cooper (7)
2nd row: Steve Bacon (9)
1st row: Pat Keoghan (1) (sp), JohnBacon (2), Al Price (3), Jim Lang (4), Maj Fred Swan (5), LCol Dan Osbourne (6), Capt Frank Mascaro (8), Les Bird (9), Jim O'Brien (10)

(courtesy John Bacon)


(courtesy John Bacon)


Cdt John Bacon receiving best NCO trophy from Maj Ray Butterfield, background Col J.G.K. Strathy HCol QOR and Capt Frank Mascaro (courtesy John Bacon)


Master Cadet certificate John Bacon (John Bacon)