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#2554 Cadet Corps 




Photo credit: Steve Bacon               Photographer: unknown
Picture taken in Vernon prior moving to Banff

1st row: C/B/Maj P Geraghty (1), Cdt.R Beattie (2), C/Cpl. W Bateman (3), C/BSM S Degenstien (4), C/Cpl. C Leversuch (5), Cdt.T Rixon (6), C/Sgt.M Simon (7), Cdt.J Beatty (8), Lt. S Bacon CSofC (9)
2nd row: C/Sgt. L England (1), Cdt. D Dunbar (2), C/Sgt. CA Carlson (3), C/Cpl G Richardson (4), C/Cpl.G Upton (5), C/Cpl. N Murray (6),
3rd row: Cdt. R Phillips (1), Cdt. L Sutherland (2), Cdt. J Wright (3), Cdt.Halverson (4), Cdt. L Dunford (5), Cdt. D Reilly (6), Cdt.G Burnett (7)

For many years, the band attended Banff NACC was chosen as a complete band from one of the corps across Canada. The standards required in order to be chosen were very high, it was a privilege for a corps band to be chosen.